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reminder that now that knzk is back i have returned to my main! if u dont already follow me there its @laurie

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abt this account 

damn . . . cant believe Laurie Corp. fired me . . .

it sucks when ur homepage is just an elephant smacking a computer

i will scrape out ur earwax and feed it to u

i bet like 75% of u would rat on me if i went on popular channel 4 tv show hunted

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i miss the high post interaction klon knzk ...

the local timeline .. its all laurie ... B^)

taver dot cafe more like THE DOMAIN OF THE SHIT QUEEN

damn tinder .. theres no one new around me huh??? then how come i could hypothetically buy a bunch of top picks... liar.. .

horrible. disgusting. absolutely fucking grim. horrifying 

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